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Lumin / Oct 27, 2015

Our Teamspeak information is:

Password: rainbowsnake

When able, you will be given a user account (Lumin has to know you're online to do it) and will get Aion class icons for your level 65's. If you do not have a 65, then your main character's class icon will be added. Go You!

If you want a private room let Lumin know.
Welcome! Open For Business!
Crimson Fury is a mercenary legion that operates on a work-for-hire basis. In addition to its services in combat, espionage and diplomacy, it also operates a small mercantile operation, allowing it to participate in economic trade.

To our members we offer safety from questionable deals, and to our clients we provide certainty that the job will get done.

In addition to a legion hall in a spot just North of Pernon Plaza, the legion possesses an airship - Kaismes Laiva - ready to do the heavy lifting where a daeva's wings won't do.

See Legion Boards in Pandaemonium for the address for your application letter.

Crimson Fury is a legion that actively embraces all aspects of gameplay - RP, PvE, PvP and a mix of any of those.

Although the legion is predominantly English speaking, we have members from a variety of countries and, thusly, timezones.

Our members are expected to show interest in expanding their scope of gameplay, and we'll be happy to provide the advice and encouragement for doing so.

Active interest in RP is a must.

If you'd like to join us, please submit an application!

As a member, you are solely responsible for your character. The legion will not interfere with anything nor will the legion take responsibility for your actions. However, if the legion gets word of your character getting out-of-hand, you will be kicked from the legion, and depending on the severity of the situation, reported to Aion GM's if necessary. The purpose of this legion is to help develop stories of other RP characters and have fun. Additionally, if anyone does have an issue with a member, I will listen/look into the situation personally.